We buy all the parts in the USA and assembled in the Aspen Valley, Colorado.

The tube is pyrex glass with food grade silicone funnel and 100% natural crystals.


Restructures water or any other non-carbonated liquid. IE: wine, spirits and juices.*

*Needs to be flushed with water after using with wine, spirits, etc. to prevent sugar buildup.

The idea has been around for ages. We have come up with how to apply it along with how to incorporate the healing power of crystals.

Yes, it’s maintenance free.

Yes … 5 year

Absolutely, and, for a full refund.

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Structuring water brings waters hidden potential back into a more available state. Work being done by your body to make the degraded water available, is being done for you.

Water filtration is still  a highly recommended process. Excellent filters are literally pulling molecules apart by force. Think of this as a great starting point for a beautiful action to occur upon your newly filtered water. This natural process municipalities have missed in the flow, and development of spring water is the opportunity we provide; not filtration.